Is one of the most common materials used for countertop stone in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite is formed when two materials, quartz and feldspar, are fused together in a volcanic eruption. One of the hardest naturally occurring materials, it is used world wide for its solid strength, versatility and variety of looks. Most granite is quarried from Brazil, China, Spain and Italy.


Is an engineered, natural stone product which means it is produced by man using natural stone. As a result of a consistent production, this stone is warrantied by the manufacturer often for 10 years or more. It's advantage over traditional natural stone are numerous. It is more stain resistant, heat resistant and fade resistant. Quartz also doesn't require sealing, as the seal is built into the material itself. So less maintenance and more impervious to all of the things that challenge a countertop surface on a daily basis.


Is an innovative natural tile product that combines the durability and resilience of tile with the beauty of natural stone. Porcelain has many advantages over natural stone products like granite and marble and even advantages over quartz products. It is more stain resistant, heat resistant and fade resistant. Porcelain doesn't require sealing, or maintenance and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.


Is a softer stone compared to granite and has been used for thousands of years in construction of buildings particularly because of its ease in cutting and polishing. Many great statues of antiquity were sculpted from marble. Marble is desired for its light white appearance and grey veining. While its aesthetic value cannot be denied, it is a more porous stone and can stain and chip easier than its granite or quartz counterparts.

Butcher Block

Offers a variety of wood colors and grains to suit any household's decor, with choices of Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Poplar, Walnut, Teak, and Brazilian species.


Is similar to marble in its softness, but closer to granite in its appearance. Primarily made of talc, soapstone has long been used as a material in sculpture. Soapstone is known for its solid colors and flat, matte surface compared to highly polished granite.


Is a semi-precious stone that has been used in the practice of jewelry making for centuries. Ranging from deep black to a more flesh like tone, Onyx also has a translucent quality with some color variations. Onyx is one of the more rare materials used for countertops.


Sourced from rare, semi-precious, unique and unusual materials, exotics are the highest-end of luxury surfaces for countertops. Gem stones, Fossils, Petrified Wood, Agate, Sea Jasper, Obsidian and more!